thalamusNeurothalamology is the ability to noninvasively enable the brain to learn.

The thalamus is the part of the brain that acts as a 2 way gateway between the cerebral cortex and the sensory signals being received or  stimulated within the body.

Being able to alter the sensory information going in to your brain, is like being able to take away the white noise and focus on the important information to help us learn.

There are many ways of altering the sensory information being processed by your brain – simply closing your eyes would make a difference – it’s just not as useful to learning as Neurothalamology.

We have created a new technique that makes re-learning and new learning truly accessible and effective.  With our approach, we are able provide the same information in a neurologically novel way. Novelty provides learning opportunities; new information will be processed to create new neural pathways with new synapses connections.

Our new technique uses a patented real time visual feedback/feedforward approach.  With simple guided instructions we’re delivering solutions with patients affected by stroke, Parkinson’s, brain injury, arthritis and pain. We are also teaching mindfulness and relaxation techniques to proactively remove tension and stress from your mind and body.


Please use our Contact Us page to send an email to get in touch. We are currently offering free, no obligation, taster sessions on Tuesday mornings in Redbourn Village Hall.  You can request a taster session by using our Contact Us page.  Please notes, spaces are limited and bookings are required with a confirmation from us.




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